We are always very grateful for any donations. The following are items that have been identified, but please do contact us if you have anything else to donate.

Playground Equipment:
Tyre and rope swings; balancing beams and poles; outside furniture

New or 2nd Hand Books;
Intelligent children readers for all levels and anthroposophical books for our library

Craft Materials:
We are always grateful for any craft materials for the children to use. We only use 100% natural cottons, wool & felt.

Sewing machine
Weaving loom/spinning wheel
Pottery kiln/turning wheel
Pottery glazes
Woodwork carving tools and a work bench

Musical Instruments:
Lyres; guitar; marimbas/xylophone; glockenspiel; recorders for sponsored children.

Gardening Materials:
Gardening tools; compost; organic seeds; shade cloth; plants & seedlings; chicken wire.

Oven and pots & pans