Raphaeli Waldorf School in Plettenberg Bay welcomes applications for children from Play group (age 3+) through to Grade 7.

Here are 10 reasons to consider a Raphaeli Waldorf education for your child:

  • WE ACKNOWLEDGE the individual spirit of each child – children arenot required to conform to a preset ideal, the children’s  individual capacity for thought, expression and creativity are respected
  • WE BELIEVE children develop into competent, healthy adults when allowed to fully live their childhood – our curriculum and the way it is taught is based on age appropriate learning which follows the natural physical, mental and emotional development of a child and thus as adults the desire to learn will continue.
  • WE PROVIDE a culturally rich, broadly based curriculum – the progression of subjects throughout primary school echo the historical development of civilisation, your child will be lead on a learning adventure that travels through time from early myths and ancient civilisations to modern day science.
  • WE BALANCE academic, artistic and practical learning – all aspects of learning are linked, thus art may lead to a practical function ie from a complex “form drawing” a tangible perma-culture garden will be planted and tended by the children, or careful observation of a plant sprouting is linked to a mathematical formula.
  • WE VIEW children, parents and teacher as a community – learning is not an isolated activity that only children participate in, constant interaction with children, teachers and parents develop a healthy attitude to lifelong learning and help children to integrate naturally into the wider world.
  • WE TEACH through engaging the children’s active will, feelings and intellect – When a Grade 1 class is introduced to their first letter through an oral Grimms Fairytale, the delight, the empathy and the complete “owning” of that knowledge is wonderful to see. As Waldorf teachers we strive to ensure that the glee and delight for each subject or new idea remains powerful throughout their schooling.
  • WE WEAVE the creative arts into the fabric of academic learning – we knit, we sew, we sing, we play recorder, we paint, draw , mould and create beautiful work books. Why? Because learning is beautiful, craft enhances fine motor coordination and 3D perception and “will” ie the will to complete a task no matter how hard it is or how unskilled a child is at first. This “will” to work consistently and conscientiously at a project is invaluable when children enter the business world.
  • WE VALUE the importance of a beautiful classroom in a natural environment – we are proud to have purchased a wonderful property in Plettenberg Bay with spectacular views of the Tsitsikamma mountains. Here, we are working tirelessly to create a beautiful space for our learners.
  • WE STRIVE to engender a sense of connectedness to the child’s inner self, the natural world and the global community – simply put, we help children discover who they are, what they want to become and how they fit into the world.
  • WE INSPIRE LEARNING – more than anything we want the children to love learning and happily we can say that our approach is successful.

By Lee-Anne Oldacre


We invite you to contact us to discuss enrolling your child at Raphaeli call Kirsten on (044) 533 6157 email admin@raphaeli.co.za or fill in the preliminary application form.