A unique feature of Waldorf Schools throughout the world is that there is no principal or hierarchical structure of the organisation.  Instead, the different faculties and formal bodies that have their specific areas of responsibility, tasks and mandates, manage the school – the circle management principle. There are three governing entities that assume distinct responsibilities and strive for consensus on major policies decisions. The school administrator plays a vital role as a link between these groups.

Raphaeli Waldorf School is run according to the educational principles outlined by Dr. Rudolf Steiner. Though an independent school, it is a member of the Federation of Waldorf Schools in South Africa.


The Board of Trustees…

… is responsible for the financial and legal security of the school and forms the basis of our NPC (Non Profit Company). The structure of the Board of Trustees is outlined in our constitution and is made up of 45% Parent Members; 45% Teacher (& all other employee) Members and 10% Guardian Members. Guardian Members are classified as having no immediate ties with the school but a commitment to and understanding of Waldorf Education. Therefore Raphaeli Waldorf School is held by the Teachers, Parents and Community. Board members are elected at the Annual General Meeting. The Board meets regularly once or twice per term. They receive an Admin report, a College report, and Mandate reports and will discuss any issues that require their input.

The current members of the Board are: Cecil Monk (Chairperson), Otto Olivier, Kim Capsopoulos (Treasurer), Bulelwa Mantyi (Secretary), Yvette Worral, Maroesjka Lawrence, Sue Gurney, Gillian Wells and Rain Martin.

The College of Teachers….

In the sense that the human heart is an organ of discerning control, ‘listening’ to the circulation and monitoring the flow of life through the body, so is the College of Teachers the heart of the school. Participation in the College requires a deepening of the commitment and dedication to the philosophical principles of Waldorf Education. The College of Teachers meets once a week.  When necessary, Parents, Administrative Staff, Board members or Class Reps may be invited to join the meeting. The Chairperson is elected for a period of time, but decisions are reached by consensus.  Our current Chairperson for 2018 is Bronwyn Harrison.

The Body of Teachers….

All teachers and admin staff attend the weekly General Teachers Meeting (GTM). The agenda is set by the teachers and covers all aspects of the day-to-day running of the school as well as policies, growth, property etc.

The Mandate System…

Our mandate groups meet independently to work on their specific policies, commitments, requirements etc. and they feedback to the GTM and also provide the Board of Trustees with a report each term.

Parents Circle…

The voice of the parent body is very important in terms of the growth and direction of Raphaeli Waldorf School. We invite each one of parents to attend future Parent Circle meetings in order to ensure your ideas, suggestions and challenges keep our school transforming and growing in the direction of our vision. There are regular Parent Circle meetings held every term.

Class Representatives

Class representatives assist by liaising with the class teacher for lifts for outings and camps, organising duties at markets and fundraisers. Class representatives will be confirmed at the first Parents’ Meeting of the year.

Any queries / concerns or issues can be sent to admin@raphaeli.co.za

Parents wishing to correspond with the school on general issues or a specific issue that requires the school’s response, are asked to send them on to admin@raphaeli.co.za  they will then be forwarded to the relevant body.