The impact of the environment on the child is not to be underestimated on levels of deeds and feelings, but also thoughts. This is acutely visible in the child’s earliest years, where an immense power of imitation governs its play. Such trust and confidence the child has in us and in the world and cannot yet distinguish values and assumes that everything around is good. While busy forming its body, the child now forms tendencies toward good or ill health later in life, depending on its physical and soul experiences. The very functions of the organs are influenced by the warmth and friendliness we offer, our inner striving and moral intentions.


Our playgroup is for children aged 3-4 years. They have a gentle space to explore the world mainly through play under loving guidance of their teacher. Creative playtime occurs rhythmically: like an inbreath and outbreath. Outside the children amuse themselves and each other with natural resources and play in the sandpit. They enjoy building a gnome’s house or fairy garden. Inside time is invited by a recorder tune, where children craft, draw, model or paint; sing songs; bake; play with dress-up clothes and listen to stories by candlelight.


The kindergarten is in a more structured environment for children aged 5-6 years. The teacher holds a daily ringtime where the children move, act, speak and sing lots of verses and songs. They also play much and do many craft and artistic activities like modelling with beeswax, clay, saltdough or playdough. Simple sewing, or baking, lantern making, painting or acting out of stories and puppet shows, leads the morning towards reverently listening to a fairy tale. Quarterly festivals and the birthday of each child mark the calendar year with many a special event.