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“Freedom is the sense of being capable of actions motivated solely by love.” - Rudolf Steiner


As a FRIEND OF RAPHAELI you'll feel the satisfaction of knowing you've helped children grow into finely educated, independent and socially responsible people.
BURSARY SCHEME | Help provide affordable quality education

We offer to assistance to families who have a heartfelt wish to give their children a creative, child-centered education. 

Raphaeli offers partial bursaries to parents who need help making ends meet, we require that families who benefit from the bursaries are invested in the school.

Meaning they pay as much as they can towards school fees, they pay in kind by helping at the school & participate in parent’s meetings, fundraisers & festivals.

RAPHAELI DEVELOPMENT | Help us build our dream school

Raphaeli moved onto a spectacular property overlooking Plettenberg Bay and the Tsitsikamma Mountains in 2018. 

Our community has the head the heart and the hands to create the perfect school.

To make our dream of a unique, environmentally conscious, self sustaining academic paradise come true, we are working hard at raising the funds to complete building the school. 

Help us realise our dream!

WISH LIST | Make a difference to the academic environment

As a developing school, we are always looking for ways to improve the learning experience of our students. Currently we would like to invest in:

  • A science lab
  • A sprung floor for safe dance, eurythmy, gym lessons
  • Library books & shelving
  • Pottery equipment
  • Drama props
  • School minibus
  • Gardening tools for children
  • Woodworking equipment
  • Driftwood& rope for jungle gyms
BEES & TREES | Contribute to sustainable environmental care

We wish to see the entire school from buildings to gardens to water systems and wildlife and humans, as an interconnected system, each with its part to play in creating a wholesome educational and living experience.

 Our eco wish list

  • Irrigation pipe & fittings
  • Weed eater (Edge trimmer)
  • Wheelbarrows
  • Rainwater tanks
  • Picks and hoes
  • Shade cloth
  • Indigenous plants especially pioneer species e.g. Keurboom & Bitou
  • Heirloom vegetable seeds
MEALTIME MAGIC | Help us provide wholesome school lunches

Traditionally Raphaeli has always served fresh, healthy warm meals to Kindergarten and Playgroup. 

The Covid crisis highlighted a need in our community for meals provided free of charge to the children.

We have expanded our free wholesome school lunches to all the children at Raphaeli. It has been an instant hit with the children and parental gratitude is immense. We intend to continue this initiative permanently.

SCHOOL CAMPS | Support education through exploration

South Africa is a nation of diversity, not only are we multi-cultural but our natural environment offers a spectacular variety of wonders.

We believe it is essential for the children to experience some of the historical, cultural and geographical marvels our magnificent county has to offer.

To organise these trips requires hard work, teacher, parents and children have the responsibility of planning excursions as well as the classes fundraising for them.

Any donations towards these valuable experiences is appreciated.

Friends of Raphaeli will:

  • if you’ve kindly sponsored a child’s education, you’ll be kept up to date on that child’s progress
  • give you feed back on project specific donations
  • send you our newsletter
  • invite you to celebrate our festivals and events