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As committed educators, we strive to provide excellent quality Waldorf education within a wholesome and nurturing environment, accessible and open to the community of Plettenberg Bay and its environs.


  • To work out of Anthroposophy;

  • To provide Waldorf education for children of all ages;

  • To enable children to develop their full potential and meet their destiny as creative, free and responsible individuals, who stand strong in themselves;

  • To put special emphasis on quality in all our activities and provide a natural, enlivening and enriching learning experience for all involved;

  • To infuse academic work with life through the incorporation and development of all the arts into curriculum themes;

  • To foster reverence, respect and responsibility for the whole Community and Nature;

  • To encourage and facilitate conscious relationship to one’s self and others;

  • To establish a strong, self-sustaining School and strive to be affordable to those requesting our education;

  • To play an active role in the ongoing research and development of Waldorf Education in South Africa, preparing children and adults for the economic, ecological and social changes of our time;

  • To research and implement ways to make Waldorf education accessible to rural communities in South Africa and Africa;

  • To increase environmental awareness and the preservation of all natural resources;

  • To provide ongoing teacher training in Waldorf methodology;

  • To enable cultural exchange programmes with schools of other nations;

  • To be surrounded by children learning to love learning.