PRESENTATION: Genesis and Emergence by Michael Grimley


PRESENTATION: Genesis and Emergence by Michael Grimley | 26 May (18h30 – 20h30) | 26 Symmonds Lane, BoDorp, George| R60 per person

A visual presentation by Michael Grimley 

Two guiding thoughts underlie this presentation; firstly, change and development in culture can be attributed to shifts in the evolution of consciousness, and secondly, through a phenomenological approach to the study of the visual arts the developmental character of these shifts can be discerned.

For those who attend the full African Persephone workshop and would like to stay on for the visual presentation soup, bread and cheese will be available.

Michael Grimley is an experienced art teacher in both mainstream and Waldorf education. After majoring in painting, graphics, history of art and philosophy – he completed a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts with a thesis on the concept of freedom in the history of art

Enquiries and Bookings: Christina Auerbach | | +27 (0)44 873 4108 OR +27 (0)84 584 5689 | Proceeds of this event will donated to the Raphaeli Waldorf School in Plettenberg Bay