Our celebration of Steiner’s birthday was a very productive one.  Rhian Berning, Avice Hindmarch and Jean Sparg advised and helped the children to plant the correct things in the right places.

Some of the classes starting building “Tippy Taps” to ensure that we save water and some children found some chillies in the compost – which lead to quite a few watering eyes and burning mouths!

We created a nursery for our donated trees which will only be planted once it becomes a bit cooler.  Avice explained to the children the importance of caring for trees correctly. Then we enjoyed some cake beautifully decorated by our Class Six and Seven children.

What a lovely celebration. Thank you to all the Raphaeli parents who sent their children with gardening tools and flowering plants! A special thank you to Rhian Berning, Avice Hindmarch and Jean Sparg for their input and hard work today!