Bronwyn taking a little ‘me time’ in 2019

Along with the eight members of our graduating class of 2018, we will also have to say farewell to their teacher, Bronwyn Harrison.  Bronwyn joined Raphaeli in 2014 to take on the Class Four group after they had split from a partially combined class.  We needed a teacher who could take this small, but challenging, group of children and help them unfold.  Bronwyn introduced techniques in her class which supported and helped them become grounded and focussed on realising their own potential.

She took up the challenge with grace and humility and soon the children and fellow staff members developed a strong bond with her – a bond that has only grown deeper and stronger over time.  Earlier this year, Bronwyn decided that she was going to take a break from teaching and focus on her other interests. (She will be taking her first realbreak from teaching – after 16 years!) We wish her only the best, with deep gratitude.

Bronwyn has brought many of her passions and special skills to Raphaeli and has made a lasting imprint on us all.  Her love for working with support dogs, forest school, inspiring children to read and generosity on so many levels, will remain with us as we move on to Olive Hill and into a new phase of our school’s life. We are relieved that not all ties will be broken, as she will remain a parent of Layla in next year’s Class 6 and Sabine in Class 3.

We hope that Bronwyn has a well-deserved rest, with lots of time for her particular three Rs – running, riding and reading – and that 2019 delivers a raft of successful projects.