Ready…steady… go!

By Janet Forrest, Raphaeli Waldorf Property Manager

Parents joined us recently for a site tour and presentation and were able to see the exciting transformation evolving on our new property.  Parents who had previously visited the site, were impressed with how much has been achieved in a short space of time. New beginnings and change can be difficult for some, especially when we are faced with some of the challenges that this property has presented to us. We were able to address concerns voiced both at the previous parent circle and during the tour and give reassurance that the safety and wellbeing of our children is first and foremost as we proceed and succeed with development. Getting positive, enthusiastic responses from the parents who joined us, was so encouraging and a true reflection of our school’s community spirit.

We also had a visit from our generous sponsor of the property. He was very pleased with our progress and decisions we have made regarding the development of our school property. He reiterated what an incredible piece of land we have, with such potential for our future growth and plans. His input and feedback were most valuable, and I feel it has given a renewed energy to this incredible opportunity for our school.

Building alterations are progressing well with the new classroom and administration spaces opened up. The site in general is being cleaned up and levelled out and now clearly taking shape. The moving of the wooden classrooms will commence on the 26thNovember and parents will be communicated with by teachers as to how and when they can assist.

There will be no building activity on site between the 14thDecember 2018 and 7thJanuary 2019. This will be the most beneficial time for parents to help. If you are able to assist during this time, it will be greatly appreciated. We are shifting the parent work morning to Thursday, when Jean Sparg (a member of the Botanical Society) will be offering her time to assist with landscaping and gardening.

Any parents who would still like to visit the site, help or have any questions regarding the property, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you so much to the parents who have given of their time and energy already! Please phone me or send me a message should you have any questions or if you would like more information (Janet Forrest | 083 382 2417 |