Class Three’s take a crack at house building

Class three is a very practical year where children explore basic human needs for food, clothing and shelter.  They trace man’s development by studying the Old Testament where Adam and Eve are expelled out of the Garden of Eden.  Our class became very hands on when we made various structures ranging from nomadic dwellings to permanent dwellings.  Our primary focus was to make miniature homes and then ending the main lesson with an outing to Odette’s farm, where we helped cob her bathroom.  We started by making mini stick huts with woven reeds to get an idea of what the Khoisan would have used.  Afterwards we learned about the North American Indians and made miniature tipis out of leather offcuts and string.  The Yurt was next and we discovered that the intricate framework was not that easy to make without skill and craftsmanship.  Nanuq and Enya came very close until the frame collapsed under the felt exterior.  A lot of fun was had with mixing hay and mud and making a wattle and daub mixture.  Our class learned that a lot of daub is needed to cover a large area. We made beautiful miniature log cabins using natural materials from the neighbouring property.  Building primitive stone houses was sheer delight and some of the tiny structures are still standing in the playground.  The greatest was when we danced hay and mud together to cob Odette’s bathroom. What a fantastic curriculum.