Meet the two news ladies who have joined our staff at Raphaeli Waldorf. Let’s get to know them a little better…

Maroesjka Lawrencehas recently joined the Raphaeli family and in her capacity as bursar, she is sure to add value to the school. A local lady, she progressed through school to study Introduction to Business Management at Northlink College in Cape Town. After working at Tex Smart for a number of years, young Maroesjka is very excited to be at Raphaeli. She is currently finishing her degree and is a SIPA member, so safe to say she’s a sharp lady too.

I asked her, “Why Raphaeli?” Her answer was a very definite one. She loves the environment that the staff have created for the children. The nature aspects so intrenched in the ethos resonates with her in particular and she is very excited about the move to the new school premises. She is convinced that this will be a great location for growth, not only in numbers but also scholastically. A very big welcome to you Maroesjka and we look forward to getting to know you better and seeing your smiley face in the office.

The playschool is very excited over their newest find. Vashti Visserhas love for children written all over her face. Watching her interact with the little ones is a treat. Having travelled the world working on a yacht, her first love, teaching, ultimately brought her back to her home town of Plett. After initially applying for the teacher’s assistant position, Vashti was thrilled when she was offered the permanent position and immediately became part of the Raphaeli family. I asked her why she loves teaching so much and how she sees herself part of the Raphaeli ethos. Such a pity I have such a small amount of space here to write because I couldn’t stop her – she’s that passionate. Vashti loves the slower pace and the fact that the whole child is considered and not just the ‘education’. She loves the freedom that the little ones enjoy at Raphaeli and believes strongly in the connection they get with their environment. Yes, to say that she loves being there, is an understatement and I’m sure that all will get to know her very quickly as she creates a bond with the little ones in her care. Welcome Vashti. You are a breath of fresh air!