The Raphaeli Waldorf School is moving to Olive Hill Farm on the Airport Road, a 10 minute drive from their current Piesang Valley location.

In early 2018, our dream of property ownership became a reality with the very generous gift of a 21 hectare property on the Airport Road, Olive Hill Farm. We have started the process of moving Raphaeli Waldorf School to the new property on the Airport Road, approximately 10 minutes from our current site, which allows for easy access from the N2 and from the town of Plettenberg Bay.

The Raphaeli community has been busy and we thank everyone for the support, and in particular those who have generously donated their time and expertise to clear the grounds – a vital element needed to begin the layout process of the school. And to those of you who donated the plants and tools, a very special thank you indeed.

“The campus will be an environmentally-sensitive development. We hold the physical space of our new property as a blessed community, and are working hand-in-hand with our children, teachers, parents and friends to ensure we continue to nurture our new school’s new natural environment,” says Property Project Manager Janet Forest.

Janet is a qualified interior designer and brings her experience in property architecture design and project management to the development of the school. At present, Janet and her team are finalising the layout of the new school property; which includes the evaluation of existing buildings and infrastructure and the relocation sites for existing classrooms (on the current property). This is the interim phase of the school, prior to the actual building of new classrooms and additional infrastructure. The facts and figures have been presented, and the team is working with the board for guidance.

Once feedback has been received, the layout of all property structures will be finalised and the renovations will begin. This is a six month renovation phase, to be followed by the next phase of moving existing classrooms from the old school to the new property. Both phases include obtaining building and moving quotes, continuing infrastructure assessments and sorting out an impending ‘snag list’.

Janet will be presenting a flexible schedule for parent and Raphaeli community involvement. Top of this list will include the School Gardens Project. There is a current need for individuals to commit to watering and assessing the newly planted trees, from 10h00 until 13h00 every Friday. No tools required, only volunteers who would be available to spend 30 minutes or more to assist.

As other needs are identified, parents and community members will be able to get involved. A distinct plan of action will be presented to allow for clarity of specific project needs. Needless to say, it will be a busy few months for the Board, Administrative Staff, and students. We look forward to your involvement in making this move a successful community effort. Although the timeline is short, we are a community of many talents and with your help, we will make great things happen quickly.

As always, we welcome your questions and comments. We recognise that unexpected change can be disruptive, and look forward to working together to make this transition as smooth as possible for our children. Thank you for your commitment to Raphaeli Waldorf School and for your support. We look forward to Building Our Future together!

We would like to extend a special ‘Thank You’ to our community. This includes;

  • GreenPop for selecting our property as part of the Garden Route Tree Planting Initiative
  • Raphaeli parents for formalising the School Gardens Project
  • Raphaeli parents, students, faculty and friends for clearing the grounds and planting seedlings
  • Das Boffa from Dax Connexions in Knysna for her sponsorship support
  • First National Bank Knysna for the donation of 30 indigenous trees