Class Seven explorations into the realms of Physics – LIGHT

This year, Class Seven have begun to truly engage with the world around them. This main lesson involves working with the aspect of light and its many facets and colours!

So far, we have explored what it is like to be in total darkness, introducing tiny drops of different light; a candle, a torch, different colour clothes, a slightly open door.

Then we moved on to looking through prisms, bubbles and kaleidoscopes, amazed by the separation of white light into its many colours.

Along with light and the experiments we have conducted, we are learning more about the historical theories of light.

Did you know, that in the 5th Century BC, the Greek philosopher Empedocles believed that Aphrodite (the Greek goddess of Love) made the human eye out of the four elements- earth, fire, water and air? She lit the fire in the eye, making sight possible!

We are continuing our adventure this week by using mirrors to explore reflection and refraction. The children are engaged, happy and inquisitive.