Teacher profiles


What an exciting start to the year!  We have had to hit the ground running this term with the building of a new classroom, welcoming so many new families to our community and getting ready for a full 2018!

We are only now able to take this much desired opportunity to also welcome and introduce our three new teachers who have joined us this year: Gilan Momple (Kindergarten), Gabriel Williams (Class One) and Gesina Human (Class Four) to our Raphaeli community.

We asked them some questions to get to know them a little better:

  1. Describe yourself in no more than 4 sentences:

Gilan:  I am 33 years old. My husband Jos and I have been married for almost 12 years and we have three beautiful children together. Amara who is 11, Joseph who is 3 and Kamilah who is half a year old.

Gabriel:  I consider myself a humorous, honest, direct person with integrity and always trying to achieve calmness and happiness in my life.  I believe that honouring the responsibilities to myself and those closest to me is quite imperative as one of my top principals or priorities in my life.

Gesina:  I am a creative and innovative thinker who loves creating art, travelling and discovering new things.  I am a lifelong learner who finds knowledge in various disciplines incredibly stimulating.  I would say that is the reason why teaching chose me.  I have a positive outlook on life and find strength in my friends and family.  I am very passionate about making the world around us as beautiful as possible in a manner both creative and eco-conscious.

  1. What has drawn you to Waldorf education?

Gilan: What I love about Waldorf education is how the teachers teach from the heart, the child is the centre of all things. There is no rushing! Everything in its own time. The world around us is already rush rush rush, At least at school we can take our time and focus on the things that matter. I have seen how happy my own child is to be back in the Waldorf system, she wakes up excited to go to school and learn. This as a mother makes me so happy.

Gabriel: The fact that I have the opportunity to change or contribute to society through helping mould and guide young minds towards a positive, fruitful, caring future.  It is a somewhat comforting and satisfying feeling knowing that ignorance is being eliminated.

Gesina:  My incredible journey in teaching has led me along a path where I have been blessed to have taught in various schools.  Every time I started at a new school I had this intuitive feeling that every step is closer to the type of teaching that would have worked for me as a child.  Now that I am teaching at a Waldorf school I know that this would have been exactly the philosophy that would have complimented my development as a child.

  1. How has your experience at Raphaeli been thus far?

Gilan: My time here at Raphaeli Waldorf School has been very special so far.  I’ve found the parents and fellow teachers to be so kind and welcoming. The children and I have already formed strong bonds and this is one of the reasons I am happy to come into work every day.

Gabriel:  It has been interesting observing the school as a whole, and it has been mostly positive thus far.

Gesina:  My experience at Raphaeli thus far has been filling my cup with knowledge and spiritual growth.  I feel excited about working this team of teachers and walking this path my beautiful class 4 children.

  1. Some final thoughts?

Gilan: I am looking forward to watching our school grow, with the big move to the new property approaching I know there are great things yet to come with Raphaeli School. I am so happy to be a part of it!

Gabriel: I would like to offer and contribute my knowledge and strengths in areas where it is needed as an experienced Waldorf teacher – also my support to fellow colleagues whether it is pedagogical or personal.

Gesina:  I hope to bring my excitement for life and my eager spirit of discovering and learning to the school.

We hope they will feel welcome and supported in our wonderful community.

We are looking forward to working together and bringing this wonderful education to more children in our area.

Kind Regards,

Wilmie Monk