New Property News – A Property of Immense Possibilities!

Raphaeli has been given an unbelievable gift of a property for our school, the size and scope of which is almost unprecedented in South Africa.

It lies on the crest of a hill named Olive Hill Farm and overlooks vast vistas of mountains and sea. Located next to Ouland Royale on the airport road, it is 21 hectares in size. This gift has the possibility to fulfil our dream and vision of our Waldorf School, embracing the whole community.

It can be a haven of learning for all and a model reflecting the growing universal wish to rescue and replenish the earth. The school built on this property may serve as a true expression of sustainability, eco awareness and consciousness. An example of this would be our reconstituting the land with the indigenous flora which makes our country so special.

We are so thankful to our benefactor for his magnanimous gesture and wish to honour him, too, by creating a wonderful school.

We are moving at the end of this very year to begin school-year 2019 in our new premises. The work has begun and to realise this vision through its manifestation, we need all practical hands on deck!

Olive Hill suffered fire damage which actually served to clear the bush, but also damaged all the fences. So fencing has become a priority to contain an area which will hold the children safely. It will enclose the top triangle of the property which will cover an area of about 3 hectares.

We are in the process of collecting quotes for priorities and we welcome donations of equipment, tools, paint, labour, expertise, etc. There are many challenges on the property and it requires a great community effort to make it happen. From the questionnaire sent out we hope to identify help from the school community.

We have established a small general mandate group to get the ball rolling. We are grateful to parents who wish to be part of the process. Thank you to Dave Wells, Rhi, Kayla and Simrah so far. Rhi has agreed to coordinate the landscaping and planting required, with help from a team yet to be set up.

We urge you all, especially the children, to begin collecting plants for replanting this area with indigenous beauty. Several planned walkabouts on the property are in the pipeline in order to give a real idea of what needs to be done. The dates for these will be decided soon and will be posted on the notice board or sent to you via letters.

We look forward to a very productive year and a splendid new school!

Sue Gurney